STEM:Inspiration for Infinite Possibilities Tomorrow

We at STEM Initiative Hong Kong are dedicated to inspiring our young to a great future and preparing them for tomorrow’s infinite possibilities in a fast-changing and increasingly technology-intensive world. We believe that children from a tender age should develop a lifelong, scientist-like passion to always wonder and explore, to learn by trying and experimenting, and to succeed through perseverance. We aim at fostering a challenging, interdisciplinary, experiential and multifaceted learning environment in local schools at all levels that excites, engages and enriches students through a unique, learn-by-doing curriculum of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics subjects to help prepare them for excellence in life through positive thinking, exemplary critical skills, hard work and strong ethics.

Our Objectives

–       Partnerships and Community Awareness: Increase awareness of STEM Education through communication and collaboration with the community.

–       Establish and maintain partnerships: Collaborate with local and overseas STEM organizations, industries, universities and institutes to provide STEM opportunities for teachers and students.

–       STEM Opportunities for all students: Increase STEM experiences and support curricular and extra-curricular STEM opportunities for students.

–       Professional Learning: Provide professional learning opportunities, such as workshops and conferences in STEM Education so educators and other stakeholders have the resources and knowledge they need to provide STEM experiences to all students.