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    FabLearn Conference Hong Kong

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      • 十一月 10 - 11, 2016
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    全球教育新趨勢── STEM 教育該從何入手?

    講者:美國史丹福大學 Jonathan Osborne 教授


    Parents, students and community members are invited to attend this meeting, which discusses educational issues at the high school and its middle and elementary schools. Schools in the Kerrington cluster are: Aldiger, Caramba, Chesterfield, Cutterey, Fraiser, Johnson, Antonio, Lorney Winston, Ramos, and Westford secondary schools; Monterey and Tilt middle schools; and Kearrrinfton High. All schools and district offices are closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Year-round schools resume school. Open to the public.

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